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Critical Care ICU

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Critical Care ICU

“The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is most essential department for patient care.”

Critical care medicine is the multidisciplinary specialty that cares for patients with acute, life-threatening illness or injury. Critical care medicine is now a recognized as Super Specialty by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the practitioners are called “Intensivists”.

Intensivists provide dedicated and continuous care to critically ill patients, who require advanced monitoring and care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). These Intensivists, who have special training in the care of critically ill patients work closely with all other specialists in the hospital.

Critical illness is a condition where life cannot be sustained without invasive therapeutic interventions. Patients with critical illnesses are admitted to the ICU for treatment.

Our ICUs are having standard policy as per state health body guidelines. Nurse to patient ratio, supported with continuous invasive monitoring, in addition to the use of mechanical and pharmacological life sustaining therapies (mechanical ventilation, vasopressors, continuous dialysis).

Any disease, if aggravated can lead to critical illness. Therefore, in a number of cases, the survival depends on the speed and accuracy of the therapy besides the severity of the illness.

We provide up to date evidence based management in all major specialities including.

• Neurology and Neuro Surgery
• Respiratory

Our service delivers include following but not limited to –


• Management of shock and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
• Respiratory failure
• Multisystem organ failure (including renal and hepatic)
• Sepsis (infection)
• Central nervous system crises
• Cardiac failure

Special areas of services:

a) We have dedicated Swine flu beds in our hospital which are maintained by specially trained intensivists.

b) We have a well-established stroke thrombolysis protocol and special beds and staff dedicated for timely thrombolysis so as to avoid any time delay. We work in close liaison with Neurologist.

c) High Risk Dialysis with facilities to manage all complications immediately. All our ICU beds support dialysis and we have dialysis machines exclusive for intensive care.

d) Pain management: We have intensivists well trained in pain management and use WHO Pain Ladder Algorithm. We also provide specialised pain relief technique such as epidural catheters insertion along with continuous monitoring.

e) We work in close liaison with physiotherapy department.