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Dr. Vimal Vishamber Raina

Exp.- 23 Years

Dr. Shweta Gupta

Exp.- 10 Years

Pediatric Department

The foundation of an individual thereby the family the community and the nation lies in the vison and health of the younger generation.

Paediatrician forms the backbone of providing treatment and guidance in this age group. This in dudes general paediatrics, counselling and vaccination. Right from the womb to adolescence it is the paediatrician that provides the holistic approach to health and disease.

While providing all the newer modalities of treatment including intensive neonatal care, Paediatric Intensive care, the paediatric super specialities, the paediatrician help the families to understand and manage the newer addictions that are fast a manage in the modern technologies world.

The frontiers of medical science in general and paediatrics are being pushed every day.

The department of paediatrics of SAIH is fully prepared and equipped to deal with the newer challenges.